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NAL Conservation Report 2018

Thoughts from the National Affairs and Legislation Annual Meeting

by Cynthia Druckenbrod


Sobering, insightful, inspiring, and transformative are just a few of the words that I would use to describe my first-time experience at the NAL conference in February. It’s impossible to distill all that we learned there, but these are some of the highlights:

  • Climate change is real and irrefutable. Do not waste your time trying to convince the deniers. Instead, focus on the “squishy middle.”
  • Can we achieve a world where people and nature thrive? Yes, if we change now.
  •  Hope lives at the State and corporate level.
  •  Letters and calls matter!
  •  Environmental protection and economic growth are compatible.
  •  Ignorance and indifference are our biggest enemies.
  • Nature is non-partisan (when did it become a democrat?).
  • Land ownership is more than a privilege, it’s a responsibility.

On our last evening, we listened to a fascinating talk by Scott Wiedensaul, author of Living on the Wind and a world-renowned expert on bird migrations. He gave the audience two easy, actions that, if we adopted, would change the future for many species of migratory birds. Those actions: buy recyclable paper products whenever possible to help lower the logging pressure on Canada’s Boreal forests, and buy Smithsonian-certified, “Bird-Friendly” coffee that is from shade-grown coffee plantations. These coffee farms are both economically sustainable and will help preserve the environment for migrating birds.

Less is More Recycling Guide

Banner photo by Linda Paine