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Overheard at the Garden Gate


Save Bottles and Wine Boxes

Don't forget to save your Perrier bottles and divided wine cartons for the flower show.  Your flower entries will look spectacular with a uniform presentation, and will be easier to transport in a divided carton.  Email Suzy or call for pickup.

Let’s Share!

SLGC has a new Facebook page!  Posting is limited to those who belong to the group. Share gardening ideas, ask questions, notify other members of events of interest, post photos, ask for help in flower & plant identification. Go to this link and click ’Join Group’ to become a member and begin posting.

SLGC is Going Green!

Be prepared to get your information through email blasts and our new, soon-to-be-revealed, SLGC website.

Housing Needed!

Martha still needs a few houses for judges to live in.  Needed:  bathtub, wine and friendliness. Contact Martha.

Answer to February Riddle

A Garden Riddle is a metal sieve used to sift  stones from soil and to remove large chunks of vegetal material from homemade compost in preparing potting media for container plantings.

 Recycle Your Batteries

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