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Arranging Flowers

Clara Rankin

excerpted by Clara Rankin, whose tongue is in her cheek, from

A Gardener’s Dictionary

clara rankin.jpg

Thanks to the tireless work of many talented ladies and dedicated garden clubs, flower arranging has been transformed from a hobby into an art.  Nevertheless, the novice should not be daunted by the apparent complexity of it all.  Success is guaranteed if one always keeps in mind that, whether the arrangement is to be presented in a formal show or in an informal house setting, the goals one should be aiming to achieve are:  envy, grudging praise, and imitation by rivals.  Always strive to avoid giggles, whispers, and catty remarks.  This basic principle applies regardless of which of the four contemporary flower arranging styles one chooses to specialize in:  Traditional Vulgar Bulk Display Supported by Wire and Space Age Glues;  Casual Country Massing in Conversation Piece Procured During Travel in Fancy Places;  Aggressive Oriental Understatement with Big Rocks, a Single Branch, and Well-memorized Chinese Doubletalk;  or Abstract Presentation of Something Odd and Costly from Hawaii in a Container Designed for the Transport of Radioactive Substances.


If members of the club have questions about flower arranging classes that are not cove red by the above material, please remember that Cathy Miller and Martha Marsh, both experienced judges in Floral Design, have offered to answer your questions and help provide guidance.  Please call them (do not email) for assistance.