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Flower Show Shorts


SEEKING One Strong Woman with an Eye for “Good Looks”!

The Staging Committee needs one more person with a strong back to assist on Monday morning, June 20, with setting up entry and passing tables.   Please contact Joanne Cowan, 440-247-5445 or email:

Suzy Still Need Perrier Bottles!

Perrier bottles still needed for the Flower Show.  Contact Suzy if you have some to spare.

Assistants Needed for Flower Show

Suzy wants some sharp-eyed Sweeties/Staging Assistants (2-3 each time) to help with placing. Qualities needed are:

  1. ability to see the trees for the woods - yes, that is what I meant
  2. ability to see which is the very best side of the specimen and place it accordingly - as if it were one's own
  3. flexibility to see that just because it is placed there, perfectly, it might need to be moved to allow for more
  4. sharp eye to read the card and see that just because a passer goofed and let that columbine go in the shrub category, it is WRONG and card needs to be changed
  5. serenity in a time of chaos

Frames, Troughs and Planters

Suzy would LOVE it if she knew if lovelies were bringing frames, troughs, planters or Pot et Fleurs. She LOVES Judy Eakin for announcing.

Groom Your Bloom!

A very helpful tutorial was presented to the Garden Club of Dayton  on March 8, 2016   by Nancy Linz (GCC).  Click here to read the full text on our new web site.