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Conservation Camp

Carole Obernesser

On Monday April 25th over twenty Zone X conservation delegates spent  "TWENTY EIGHT" hours in our prized jewel to the south of us... Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Peninsula.   Our very own Jane Ellison (Zone X Chair) was our stupendous leader who spent a year prodigiously putting this together.  The highlights are as follows:

Guy Denny with Jane Ellison and Carole Obernesser

* Arrival at the historical Stanford House finding our very own "BUNK"
* Delicious lunch and meet and greet
* Off to the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center
* The Story of the Conservation of our Rivers, Wetlands and Great Lakes by Lynn McClure from the National Parks and Conservation Association
* Denise Ellsworth from Ohio State University spoke to us about how plants and pollinating insects interact...  She even did a show and tell with her very own carpenter bee...  Seriously, I think we all could have listened to her for much longer! Amazing educator...  
* Tour of the CVEC and natural habitats, learning how students from NE Ohio come there for this fabulous experience
* Off to the Trapp Family Farm within the CVNP operating within the Countryside Conservancy ... Total organic working farm, raising chickens, vegetables, eggs... And my favorite, the PIGS. and the piglets!  Just an outstanding presentation from Mark Trapp (background as an engineer) wrote the proposal to take on this farm several years ago and it is simply outstanding in what he and his wife have done...  
* Back for a quick change, then off to Mary Lohman's ( AGC member and Conservation Chair) lovely home in Hudson where we all enjoyed a glorious evening of fine wines and a delicious dinner... 
* After our dinner we were all treated to a fabulous slide presentation by Sue Klein (AGC member) and award winning photographer "This Land is Your Land".   Sue has traveled to 51 National Parks and has taken photographs and gave us a overview of her favorite ones...  Stunning pictures and great detail in her presentation... Again, we could have stayed longer to see more of her work... How fun would it be to travel to all our National Parks?  Bucket List perhaps????  Back to Stanford House,  PJ's, lights out???  Not yet...  Can someone say S'Mores!  Well, minus the fire because we were all too tired to build one outside... Brilliant idea.... Microwave S'Mores....  Well, Jane just didn't bring the ordinary marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate..... They were:  ORGANIC marshmallows and Ghirardelli dark chocolate and graham crackers... Can you say delicious...
 * 7:00 AM Bird walk... ( I did not partake) But I heard they saw some remarkable birds and especially a lovely Baltimore Oriole... I did watch them from the kitchen window with my cup of coffee. Then listened to all the early birds talking about the birds they saw while eating a scrumptious breakfast...
* Off to the Hines Hill Center where we listened to Dan Herms, Ohio State Professor and Department Chair, speak to us regarding "Climate Change."  It was an excellent presentation.
* Next speaker was Guy Denny, Founder of Ohio Natural Area and Preserves Association, speaking to us about "Native Plants for Everyone’s Gardens" ( Guy is also a honorary GCA member) Needless to say, Guy is just one of the best speakers to listen to and to learn from...  Tall native grasses anyone?
* Nature walk with both Dan Herms and Guy Denny, or should I say a private tour of native lands...   Just amazing...
* Lunch and conversations with our speakers
* Partners for Plants conversation with DeeDee O'Neil from AGC
* Final speaker was Jack Shaner, Deputy Director of the Ohio Environmental Council who spoke with us about how each and every one of us can help on the state and federal level regarding our own environmental concerns... It all starts with us.  The dangers of complacency may not be obvious to many.  Our role is to raise awareness in our clubs and to help others understand the great dangers that exist to the quality of the environment and our lives.   
* As this is my final report as your Club Conservation Chair, I would like to thank everyone for a remarkable four years, It truly has been an honor to represent SLGC in this very important role within our club as well as GCA.  Remember, our environment impacts everyone everywhere.