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President's Letter June 2016

Robin Schachat

Dear Friends,

I am finding this very hard to swallow:  I am writing my final President’s Letter to you all.  It seems I had just begun, and now it is time to step aside.  This summer you will hear from Sarah Dimling, and I wish her twice the joy that I have had in this job – and I have had a blast!  Best of happiness to Sarah, from us all!

As you have I am sure heard, the June newsletter will be the final Newsletter which you receive in print format;  the old, sea-green printing paper is gone for good, as is the Microsoft Publisher formula.  In converting our Newsletter format to Mailchimp electronic delivery, e save trees while saving thousands of dollars for the club.  We will finally be green.  If you are among the ladies who are not computer users, however, don’t worry!  For those who are unable to receive the electronically delivered Newsletters, you need only advise me of your dilemma, at 17400 South Park Blvd, Shaker Heights, 44120, or 216-751-3949.  The incoming Corresponding Secretary will make sure you continue to receive your SLGC news.

While we are on the subject of new communications methods, it occurs to me that most of our members have Facebook accounts.  These seem to go hand-in-hand with having children, grandchildren, or college classmates who want to stay in touch.  It’s time to sign up for the SLGC’s new Facebook Community as well!  We are a “closed” group, open only to our membership, and 20 of us have just begun to share information informally through this mode.  It’s a great way to exchange impermanent, timely gardens news and chatter.

Meanwhile our brand new SLGC website has been rolled out to cover official news and matters of long-term interest.  Go visit at!  It’s beautiful, it’s simple to navigate, it’s full of good information, and it is currently in the process of being backloaded with all sorts of historical information and images in addition to our current goings-on.  By the fall it will enable everyone to RSVP to meetings with a button click, to sign up for workshops with a button click, to connect to GCA with a button click, to link to articles of interest with a button click, even by next spring to pay our dues with – you guessed it – a button click!  Save the trees!  Save the stamps!  Although if you prefer to call hostesses or mail checks, that will of course always be an option.

The most important bits of news right now are about our Annual Meeting and Flower Show!  On Page 3 you will find your invitation to our Annual Meeting, a browsing drinks-and-dinner event that will coincide with the Preview Party for The Perennial Centennial, our club’s flower show.  Guests, spouses, and a joyful, party spirit are all welcome!  Club awardees will be announced and celebrated under the tent on the McGregor terrace, with a panoramic view across the woods to Lake Erie on the longest evening of the year.  It will be a special moment for me to leave the Presidency.  Thank you all for making these years such a great pleasure.