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Newsletter Posts

Judges' Commendations for Perennial Centennial Flower Show 2016


Floral Design:

  • To the Floral Design Clerks, we commend the Floral Design Clerks for " being very efficient, accurate and helpful".


  • To Class Nine, Clematis


  • To Class One B (St. Martin de Porres Garden, 2010) A color image of a green vegetable or green vegetables; Family Members of GCA Members. "Bravo!"

Botanical Arts:

  • To Class Three (The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, 1966) Novice Exhibitors only; Create a Brooch depicting flora.

General Commendations:

  • To SLGC for selecting such a spacious, light and positive venue for the Perennial Centennial.
  • To Hospitality of SLGC, we commend SLGC for their hospitality, graciousness, generosity, kindness, warm welcome and accommodation.
  • To the Perennial Centennial Schedule writers for being straight-forward, user-friendly, and featuring the interesting history of SLGC.