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“Perennial Centennial” Thanks

Beth Boles & Carolyn Barr

Summer Solstice, Tuesday, June 21, 2016, was the date of our GCA Flower Show at McGregor Home celebrating our 100 years as a garden club.  Our show was open to the public on Wednesday, June 22nd and Thursday, June 23rd. Thanks to a huge team effort, our show was a great success and we should all be very proud of a job well done. A one-word theme shone throughout the entire show and that was talent! Our club has it in abundance.

Trillium Bouquets of Thanks to:

·         Esteemed members Clara Rankin and Margaret Marting for being Honorary Chairmen of our show.

·         Robin Schachat for her sage guidance, helpful contributions and for a gorgeous schedule that received a Judges’ Commendation for Excellence.

·         Anne Ginn, SLGC Flower Show Chairman, for her organizational help, overseer of our show and top cheerleader.

·         Suzy Hartford, Horticulture Division Chairman; Isa Ranganathan, Floral Design Division Chairman; Judith McMillan, Photography Division Chairman and her Assistant Dozie Herbruck; Cathy Miller, Botanical Arts Division Chairman; Leslie Marting, Needlework Division Chairman, Carole Obernesser and Mary Bruce Rae-Grant, Conservation and Education Division Chairmen and all the members who worked hard in all Divisions to make this show so superb and memorable.

·         Joanne Cowan, Staging Chairman, and her untiring and devoted committee, Gale Clarry, Anne Rogoff and Cathy Annable, Annamarie Brancovsky, Doug Barr, Susan White and assistance from Bob and Blake, the heavy-lifting team. They had one of the most difficult and encompassing tasks - to set up and take down the whole show. Her perseverance, eye for detail and engineering know-how made this the loveliest show in memory.  A Judges’ Commendation was received for Staging in such a spacious, light and positive venue.

·         Betsy Stueber, Signage and Printing Chairman, and her Assistant Gloria Ritter, for readable, subtle and elegant signs of all shapes and sizes – no easy task.

·         Martha Marsh, Judges and Judges’ Hospitality Chairman, and her Assistant Cathy Miller, for organizing and overseeing close to 40 judges from all over the country which included finding Judges’ overnight accommodations, Judges’ packets, Judges’ Luncheon, Judges’ Panels, Judges’ thank you gifts, and name tags for all, including new ones for SLGC members.  A Judges’ Commendation was received for hospitality, generosity, kindness, warm welcome and accommodation! A Special Thank You to Leslie Marting, Clara Rankin and Margaret Marting for graciously hosting the in-town Judges’ Dinner.

·         Susan White, Clerks & Passers Chairman, for finding and organizing all the Passers and Clerks for the show with much aplomb.

·         Annamarie Brancovsky, Preview Party Chairman, for so capably planning and delivering an exciting and fun party for our members and guests, with enthusiasm, grace and style.

·         Mary Susan Lyon, Data Management Chairman, for working tirelessly with Suzy Hartford for months organizing and recording each Horticulture Entry, which was in the hundreds.

·         Anne Higerd, Awards Chairman, for coordinating, overseeing, and following through all GCA and SLGC Awards with perseverance and savoir faire.

·         Debbie Hermann, Publicity Chairman, along with Lee Ann O’Brien, for letting the Cleveland community know about our flower show. A special thanks for obtaining a liquor license from the East Cleveland police so our Preview Party could go on!

·         Nancy Zambie, Flower Show Treasurer, and Jennifer Moeller, SLGC Treasurer, for handling the expenses and reminding us of our budget with calmness and a good sense of humor.

·         Greeters Committee: Barbara Bergsten, Nancy Cockley, Debbie Daberko, Sarah Dimling, Molly Dixon, Judy Eakin, Joan Gretter, Margaret Plumpton, Carol Michel, Jan Calfee, June Morgan, Lee Jacobs, Sue Marston and Vanessa Pasiadis for guiding the Judges around McGregor Home and overseeing the Flower Show when it was open to the public.

·         Carole Obernesser, Mary Bruce Rae-Grant, Robin Schachat, Ann Whitney, Ann Cicarella, and Margaret Ransohoff for their excellent and informative exhibits on Conservation and Education.

·         Sandy Bergsten and Judith McMillan for taking all the photographs of the flower show award winners and more.

·         Jane Pinkas for creating the title “Perennial Centennial”.  Well done!

·         Jane Thomas, Jennifer Langston, Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy, Jane Ellison, Helen Schreiber, Laurie Jacobs, Ryn Clarke, Karen Colini, Nancy Zambie, Holly Scott, Lee Warshawsky, Lee Jacobs, Cathy LoPresti for being Class Consultants, Passers, Placers/Runners, Hort. Entry Helpers, and helping with the show.

·         All the members who entered our show, for taking the time to join in the fun. Congratulations to all!

·         And last but not least, to MacGregor Home and Lee Ann O’Brien, our go-to person, for opening your doors to us and allowing us the opportunity to have our flower show there. Thank you for your hospitality, warm welcome, and accommodations in every way. We will always be appreciative of all your kindnesses.

 Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as your Chairmen of the Perennial Centennial, June 2016.

Overheard at the Show: “Thank you for making this Show wheelchair accessible. There is room to move around.”