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Technology Tips



  • Q:  If I can't find the email with the latest newsletter and want to refer to something there, what should I do?
  • A:  Follow directions listed below.  Or, go to the Members Only section of the SLGC website and a link to the most current newsletter will be right at the top in a black box.  Thanks to Martha, who gave the brilliant suggestion. 

  • Q:  How do I print out the newsletter from my email?  
    A:  (Until you learn to live without paper), try this:  Starting with the title of the newsletter, click and drag to the bottom of the newsletter.  Then right-click and choose 'print.'

In order to print out individual articles listed but not printed in the newsletter, click on the title of the article (eg 'Late Bloomers') which will take you to the 'News' section of the web site, and print from there; alternatively, go directly to the 'News' section of the web site, find the article(s) you are interested in reading, and print from there.

  • Have you noticed that there is a 'Search' box at the bottom of each web page? If you're looking for articles or references to a particular subject related to the club, type the word (eg 'Charitable Projects') into the box and see what comes up. You may find exactly what you are looking for.
  • If your gmail is set to organize your emails into 'Primary,' 'Social,' and 'Promotions,' you may find that your Newsletter appears in the 'Promotions' section (because it comes from the Club address, which Google interprets as a business.)  You can right-click and have it moved to the 'Primary' section.  You should see a question asking if you would like all future emails from this address go to the Primary section as well.  Click 'yes.'   Meanwhile, if you don't see the newsletter in your inbox the last week of each month, check your 'Promotions' folder.
  • Lost your newsletter?  Can't find it in your mass of emails?  Need to RSVP for the meeting and don't know who to call?  Try this:  go to your email, and type '' in the search box at the top.  It should help you find the email with the newsletter.


Go to the web site and click on 'News' at the top of the page.  EVERY BIT OF INFORMATION FROM THE NEWSLETTER IS INCLUDED THERE.

  •  Don't forget to put the new address of the Shaker Lakes Garden Club web site in your favorites so you can access it easily and often:
  • The password, needed only for the Members Only section of the web site, is inside the front cover of the 2016-2017 Directory, which you should have received by now.
  • If you have an item that you would like to see included on the web site, please contact Sarah Dimling at (Please note her correct email address with a "d" in it.)
  • The 'News' section of the web site contains all the information that would be included in the club newsletter.  Every item has named categories at the end to be used for sorting or grouping articles. For example, if you click on 'Conservation' at the bottom of one of the articles, all the articles that have been written about that issue will appear together.  Articles never are removed from the web site, even though they may not all be visible.
  • After clicking 'read more' to access a full article, you will see a date at the top of the page. That is the date the article was submitted and its author.  The date has nothing to do with the information in the article.
  • The SLGC Photo Page has new photos of Perennial Centennial Flower Show entries in Horticulture, Botanical Arts, Floral Design, and Photography, as well as photos of the Member Preview party that kicked off the grand event in style.  When looking at the photos, you may click on one of the photos to enlarge it, and can then scroll through all the photos. In the enlarged state, hover over the picture with your mouse and you will see who created it and the name of the award. 
  • Have you heard of something going on around town?  Do you have a gardening tip to share or a recipe to help us use up our zucchini?  How about an article you think people might enjoy? Most Over the Garden Gate information has now moved to Facebook. Join Us on Facebook!  Remember, it's a private page, just for SLGC members.