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Newsletter Posts

Shaker Lakes Garden Club Awards 2016

Ann Whitney

The Awards Committee, Ann Whitney, Robin Schachat, Sarah Dimling, and Leslie Marting met February 2, 2016 to discuss possible award recipients and procedure.

With the help of the Award Zone Representative, Pat Hinkley, proposals with letters were submitted on the GCA website for five GCA awards.

  • Club Appreciation Award – Joan Gretter

  • Club Horticultural Award – Margaret Ransohoff

  • Medal of Merit – Anne Ginn

  • Club Civic Improvement Commendation – Barry Doggett

  • Club Horticulture Commendation – McGregor House

In addition three Shaker Lakes awards were processed.

  • ABCD – Annamarie Brancovsky

  • President’s Award – Joanne Cowan

  • Oasis Award – Molly Dixon

Five submissions were made for our 25-year members as well as a proposal for a certificate for Shaker Lakes’ 100th Anniversary.

The awards section of the GCA website is very comprehensive and includes a personalized section for checking progress of award submissions.

The awards were presented at our annual meeting and Centennial Flower Show on June 25, 2016. Congratulations to all recipients! Go to our Showcase page to see photos of the recipients.

Ann Whitney
Awards Chair 2015 - 2016