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Overheard at the Garden Gate

Newsletter Posts

Overheard at the Garden Gate


Donate Champagne Bottles to the Flower Show Committee!!!!


For next spring’s Flower Show (5/18-19-20), the club needs Champagne bottles. A May show means we are likely to have many more flowering branches from trees and large shrubs entered than in our recent, more summery shows.  The weight of these entries can sometimes overpower a wine bottle. Champagne bottles are heavier, and are intentionally far weightier at the bottom, and therefore are far less likely to be toppled by a weighty branch.   It would be best to have 50-75 matching ones:  is anyone hosting a big wedding?  If so, please call me.  Or does anyone have a connection at a club hosting a major New Year’s Eve Party?  If you do, please call me.  Assuming not, please save your own holiday champagne bottles, clean them and remove the labels, and pass them on to me!  Now that we have a storage unit for SLGC equipment (THANK YOU, LINDA PAINE!), we can keep a horde of heavy bottles for future shows. Your help is very much appreciated!                                                                               

      Robin Schachat

Tech Tip

Looking for an article you wrote for the SLGC newsletter awhile back?  Or a piece that another member wrote that you want to review?  Remember the search feature at the bottom of the 'Newletter posts' section of the 'Members Only' page of the SLGC website?  It comes in handy to find a post that has appeared in a newsletter ever since we started the new format. Scroll to the bottom of the page and type a person's name or a subject into the search area.  Up will pop posts by or with references to that person or subject. Scroll down the list until you find what you are looking for.  

Dozie Herbruck

SLGC Judges at Work

In October 2017, SLGC judges met at the Zone X judging workshop, hosted by GC of Michigan.

Photo submitted by Martha Marsh

Photo submitted by Martha Marsh


There are always good conservation efforts happening in Cleveland! Follow this link to a three minute video produced by Ideastream about our local Rust Belt Riders:

Ann Whitney