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The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring

Robin Schachat

Tra La!

Announcing the publication of the Schedule for our upcoming Flower Show!


As those of you who have participated in a show know, the Schedule will be your Bible.  It lists all the information you ever wanted to know about the show, and a whole lot more (because the GCA says we need to put in all of that ridiculous fine print, which makes excellent bedtime reading).  The important information is Class Descriptions – these tell you what your entries should concentrate on – in the five divisions of the show.  You may enter floral designs; live plants and cut specimens from live plants (horticulture); photographs, both manipulated and not; handmade jewelry, embellishments, and needlework (botanical arts); and displays about conservation and educational topics (in this case, the educational topic is in the field of garden history and design).

Please click on this link.  There it is!  Everything you need to know, plus all that other rigamarole.  Pick your preferred classes from the lists on pages 16, 19-25, 29, 32-34, and 35.  Call or email the class consultants or Division Chairs listed for each class you want to enter, and arrange to sign up (note that advance entry is necessary for only a very few horticulture classes, and, if you are intrigued by collaborating on Education, please call Robin).  Be sure to look at the Timetables for Exhibitors, page 6.  Write down the deadlines in your datebook.  Easy peasy.

Now sit down and listen to some sprightly, silly, musical pleasure from Gilbert and Sullivan as you plan your entries!

While the next few months go by, the Flower Show Committee will offer workshops and information tips on preparing and transporting entries, filling in entry cards, and tips for appealing to judges, but for now, relax and enjoy the musical comedy!

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