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Tips for using the SLGC Website

Newsletter Posts

Tips for using the SLGC Website

Dozie Herbruck
Password: inside front cover of SLGC Directory

How to view photos

Go to SLGC website; click on ‘About Us’ and ‘Photos.’  The latest photo gallery will be shown.  To see the photos full size, click on any one photo and then use right or left arrow to scroll through.

Occasionally you will see a photo gallery on a regular web page, as on Margaret Ransohoff's September article about Clematis.  Past photo galleries are posted at the bottom of the Photos page. Click on any one to view and follow instructions above.

How to Find Past Articles

Go to ‘Members Only’ page.  (Password in Directory); click on ‘Newsletter Posts’.  Every article that has appeared in a newsletter is available here, categorized by author, subject and date, although not all are shown on the page.  To find an article not shown on the page, scroll to the bottom and type a name or subject or date into the search box.  All articles pertaining to a subject or authored by a person will appear as an excerpt in a list. Click on any topic to open.

How to find most recent newsletter

Go to ‘Members Only’ page.  Click on ‘Latest Newsletter.’  Read away.

How to find a past newsletter

Go to ‘Members Only’ page.  Scroll down to the ‘Archives’ section and click on ‘Newsletters.’ Newsletters are organized by year.

How to use the calendar

Go to ‘Members Only’ page.  Scroll down to ‘Helpful Documents and Club Information’ section and click on ‘Calendar.’ Use the forward and back arrows to change the month.  Hover over an event to read about it; click on the event to see more information and to find a map and driving directions to the event.