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Propagation Workshop Reminder!

Martha Marsh

Wednesday,  4 October, 10 AM


Join us at Margaret Ransohoff’s house to propagate Pelargoniums (geraniums) and Begonias.  There are loads of wonderful ones which we can grow over the winter,  leading to fine,  strong plants to show at our flower show in May.  After the show they can be the foundation for your patio plantings next summer. 

WE WELCOME any cultivars of either type of plant that you would like to share.  We will also have cuttings to share with you.  Might you have a different good plant to share?

There is NO CHARGE for this workshop.  Come dip your toe into the potting soil and see what fun these workshops,  as well as the joy of propagating your own plants,  can be.

For more information,  please call Margaret Ransohoff 216-299-3472, Martha Marsh, 216-956-3956