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GCA Flower Show Coming to Cleveland!

Robin Schachat

Psssst, have you heard?  RING THE MERRY BELLS ON BOARD SHIP!!!!!!!!!!  We are having a Flower Show next May!!!!!!!!!

And if no one has yet asked you to help out, perhaps you’ve been hiding?  We will find you!

The single most important thing each of you can do to make our show a success is to ENTER!  And the Schedule (that’s the information about the show and the various classes and deadlines) will be posted VERY SOON on the GCA and SLGC websites;  it is under review with the higher ups right now.  For those of you who entered The Perennial Centennial in 2016, you’ll be happy to see that the format has not changed significantly, just the theme.  In 2018, we are presenting The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring, Tra La!, an homage to the comic operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan.  There will be all the usual suspects:  traditional and less traditional floral design classes, potted plants and cut horticultural specimens, botanical embellishments and needlework, photography from novice entries through the very top (and the very top nationally in this division are members of SLGC, in case you didn’t know, toot toot our horns), educational and conservation exhibits, and a cocktail party!  So mark your calendars now for entries and the party on May 18, and public display on May 19 and 20.

And PLAN AHEAD!!!!!  This fall we will have horticulture workshops for members, significant others, and children/grandchildren -- or as Gilbert and Sullivan would suggest “your sisters and your cousins whom you reckon up by dozens and your aunts!”  You probably want to start needlepoint projects as soon as the Schedule is posted.  You will definitely want to plant bulbs this fall:  typically, they will bloom 10-14 days later than expected in their first year, which means you will have May Day bulbs to enter -- late daffodils, tulips, and all those wonderful little jobs that G&S might label as “the very models of some modern MINOR generals”!

We shall bombard you with details and with workshops as the next seven months progress, but for now, take a deep breath and come along for a fun ride!

Karen Colini and Robin Schachat, Co-Chairs