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Needle Arts in the SLGC Flower Show

Leslie Marting

The Botanical Arts Division of the SLGC May 18-20, 2018 Flower Show, The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring, Tra La! includes two Needle Arts classes.  The first is a 6” square insert for a shadow box, “Oh happy the flowers that blossom in June,” from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, “Ruddigore.”  The second will be finished as a 4” round ornament and features a line drawing of a crown, inspired by the line I, the Queen of Barataria?  But I’ve nothing to wear! from The Gondoliers.

Needle Arts classes are gaining in popularity in GCA flower shows.  We were thrilled to fill the two classes of four entrants each exclusively with SLGC members, five of whom are Provisionals!  One had never stitched before, some were returning to stitching.  Entrants are permitted to have their canvases professionally painted, as long as they supply the design, but all stitching must be completed by the entrant.

A workshop was held at the home of Caroline Borrow on January 17.  Everyone who had entered was in attendance, and we had a great time pouring over books and examples, and practicing stitches on sample canvas.  We are hoping to get together again to see everyone’s progress between now and March 25, when finished entries are due.  Please look for our handiwork at the show!

(The images below represent some Needle Arts entries in former flower shows.)

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