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You Make a Difference

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You Make a Difference

Carol Provan and Sandy Holmes

Each year, members of the Shaker Lakes Garden Club are requested to make a contribution, above and beyond dues, to fund charitable projects that fit within the club’s mission. Proposals submitted for these projects are carefully vetted by the Charitable Projects Committee and the very best are voted upon by the membership. Over the years, our club has nurtured small projects and strengthened larger ones. 

Mid-month, you will receive your 2018-19 solicitation letter and the materials to make your tax-deductible donation. We know that you will conscientiously consider your gift, and each member will decide on an appropriate gift amount.

Our club is small, by design, but that does limit the number and scale of projects we can support. We would suggest that every member consider a minimum gift of $100 while gratefully recognizing that many of our members give far more generously than the suggested gift. In fact, 32% of our members exceed this level of generosity. While other GCA clubs include a mandatory “gift” with the dues bill, our club believes such decisions are an individual choice. And though we are grateful to have 73% participation in the Charitable Projects and the Grosscup Scholarship Funds, we are striving for 100% participation in 2018-19.

Please keep in mind that our club has a history and a tradition of funding projects and programs to expand knowledge and love of gardening and to restore, protect and improve the quality of the environment in northeast Ohio. This history of philanthropy has been of meaningful significance and value to northeast Ohio. 

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