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Founders Fund Information

Lee Warshawsky

Have you ever wondered how Founder's Fund projects are selected for consideration?

Each GCA club is encouraged to submit a funding proposal for a project in which they are involved.  The scope of the project should be large, with major community impact.  The calendar for making this happen: a letter of intent in submitted in May to the Founder's Fund Committee; in August, the proposal is submitted via the GCA/Founder's Fund website.  When a  proposal is selected by this Committee, it joins a pool of projects that are sent to all Club Presidents and Founder's Fund chairs.  This information is usually available in January or February; voting takes place in April when the results from each Club are sent to headquarters where they are tabulated.  The results are usually announced in May. The first place project receives $30,000; second and third each receive $10,000. 

There are so many opportunities in northeastern Ohio in which SLGC and the Founder's Fund could play a decisive role.  I hope that you will be in touch with me with your thoughts.

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