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President's Letter December 2018

Mary Bruce Rae-Grant

 Dear Friends,


Here come the holidays! Are you ready? Have you preheated your ovens, polished your candelabras, completed your shopping? If you are looking for a welcome escape, plan to attend our Greens Workshop on December 11 at Plymouth Church. The Provisionals have planned a wonderful morning for us. There will be plenty of gorgeous greens, yummy food, and warm companionship. I hope to see you there.

The Provisionals have also decorated a tree at Cleveland Botanical Gardens with the able assistance of Jenn Moeller, their fearless leader, and Margaret Ransohoff, our Holden Forest and Gardens Affiliate Liaison. Grab a friend or family member and visit the spectacular GLOW display at CBG.

Taking a moment for a fun time or companionship is essential for relieving the stress of the holidays.  I am happy that our club provides both.

I do hope you all enjoy the warm company of family and friends this holiday season. It has been a busy year, and a busy fall. It is time to curl up in a cozy chair, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, and visit with loved ones. Have a wonderful holiday season.

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