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Overheard at the Garden Gate

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Overheard at the Garden Gate


Directory Change

Please change Amy Miller's phone number in your Directory to 216-314-4098.  

Reminder from our Treasurer

Dues notices will be sent via email for the 2018/19 year.  The notice will go out in April with payment due by June 30, 2018.  Those few members without email will receive a notice via regular mail. Any changes in status should be made at this time.   Any Active member with 10 years as active may request to slow down to Associate status.  Any member who wishes to resign should request that and we will miss you.  All requests should be sent to Lee Jacobs, Corresponding Secretary, either via email or snail mail, by May 15, 2018, so the Executive Committee may take action.

SLGC Webpage Needs a New Look

Do you have any spring photos that would raise our spirits and look 'springy' on our webpage mastheads?  It's time to remove all signs of snow from the website and add a new look for the new season.  Send photos to Dozie Herbruck at

SLGC Members Show Big at the Greenwich, CT Flower Show

The Greenwich Show is one of the largest and most competitive shows in the US. It is wonderful that SLGC had such great representation! Margaret Krudy won Honorable Mention in Floral Design, Laurie Jacobs won a First Place in Photography, and Cathy Miller won Second Place in Botanical Arts! Congratulations, Ladies!

Don't forget the Skills Inventory and Interest Survey!

Don't forget to fill out the SLGC SKILLS INVENTORY AND INTEREST SURVEY.  We need your input!

Still Room for Botanical Arts Entries in the Flower Show

Class 1  - 4 Entries

A necklace suitable to the Victorian Era. To be staged on a black velvet neck form, which will be supplied to the exhibitor upon receipt of registration. To be displayed on a 36” high black-draped table.

Class 2 - 4 Entries

Embellish a fan, which will be supplied to the exhibitor by the Committee upon receipt of entry. To be staged on a hinged mahogany plate rack, also supplied. Displayed on a black-draped table 36” high.

Class 3 - 4 Entries

Embellish a pair of hair picks. Picks supplied by the Committee upon receipt of entry. To be staged on a 4” x 12” black velvet board, also supplied. Displayed on a 36” high black draped table.

Are you interested?  Call Mary Bruce Rae-Grant (216-342-4111) to take a place!  If you would be interested in a workshop on Botanical Arts, call Robin Schachat (216-751-3949), who will try to arrange for one in April if there is sufficient interest. Click here for more information.

Need Help Getting Ready for the SLGC Flower Show?

Go to the Home Page of our SLGC website.  At the bottom you will find several articles pertaining to flower show preparation, shared by garden clubs around the country.

Conservation Efforts at Work

Several of our conservation-minded members shared this article about Cleveland businesses that are making recycling a priority! Click here to read:

Judging Horticultural Specimens

Suzy Hartford came upon an article that she thought might be useful in understanding what judges are looking for in horticultural specimens. Click here to read:

Seed Starting Schedule

Also from Suzy is a handy seed-starting guide, letting you know when to start your seeds inside.  Click here.

Reducing Catalogs & Junk Mail Volume

From Sarah: Are you sick and tired or receiving large volumes of junk mail? I was out of town recently and dismayed to discover over 30 spring catalogs once back home. I cringe at the wasted natural resources involved with catalog production and delivery to our homes. So I decided to take action and was delighted to discover Catalog Choice. They are a non-profit organization and their mission is to “stop junk mail for good.” They are “passionate about helping protect natural resources and helping you simplify your life.” You can learn more about their free services and sign up online at

As Temperatures Warm, Don't Forget Growing Degree Days

Do You Know What Your Growing Degree Day Is Today? View full article at

From Jane Ellison:  


As our garden club has a trillium logo I thought everyone would be interested in this new to me sweet little trillium that I went in pursuit of last week in mid Ohio, a Snow Trillium!.  They grow in wooded, moist limestone ravines and are the first of their genus to bloom in the spring. There was still snow on the ground where we found it!