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President's Letter April 2018

Sarah Dimling

Dear Friends,

Sarah Dimling photo.JPG

I hope many of you are enjoying lovely weather outside of Cleveland during our March hiatus. I am writing from my screened porch in Vero Beach and loving the sunny and breezy 74 degree day. Today is special as we celebrate the Vernal Equinox (when day and night are equal length) which marks the start of astronomical spring and leads to longer days in the north and shorter days in the south.

Many thanks to Robin Schachat and the myriad volunteers who stepped up to assist with our upcoming flower show, The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring, Tra La! at McGregor Home from May 18-20. It takes a village to plan, recruit and execute a GCA Flower Show and I’m grateful to all of you that volunteered for a task or plan to enter a class.  Which reminds me: with shorter days ahead in the south, I need get outside to finalize my pursuit of the perfect tiny leaf for a Botanical Arts entry. If you haven’t already read the flower show schedule, I encourage you to take a look because it’s creative and informative. 

Please take a few minutes to complete the talent and interest survey included in this newsletter. This will help our club leaders identify talents and interests we may not already know about you and serve as an invaluable tool for recruiting future board members, committee chairs and volunteers in general.

I look forward to seeing you at the April 24 Membership Meeting at Dunham Tavern Barn where our very own SLGC member Ann Cicarella, President of the Medina County Beekeepers Association, will present The Plight of the Honey Bees. Don't forget to RSVP.