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Flower Show Horticulture Entries — Simplify Your Life!!!!

Martha Marsh

Flower Show.jpg

For your ease of entering, to streamline the process, and to save your blood pressure, do yourself a favor.  Identify any plant or cut specimen you might enter in advance of the show.  Contact Martha Marsh, Robin Schachat, or Suzy Hartford for help.  Take a closeup of the entry on your phone and send it to us.  We will do our best to help you figure out what it is.

To save time at Entry, check our Flower Show Schedule to see which class your entry belongs in.  If you are unsure, the people at Entry can help you.

Sign in to the GCA website, Members Area.  Under GCA Committee Pages in the pulldown menu (Center top), go to Flower Show.   Scroll down to Entering a Flower Show (in the middle of the page), and find Entry Cards.  

Under Horticulture, click on Hort Entry Card or Hort Cut Specimen Card (NOTE THE DIFFERENCE!) FOR GCA SHOW.   These are the third and fourth in the list.  Print them out.  If you have heavier paper it is better, but not required. (If you are a regular visitor to the GCA website, you can click on the links in this paragraph.)

Fill out one for each of your entries and bring them with your Hort entries to the show.

And PLEASE enter.  I only got interested in judging Horticulture when I went to shows as a Design Judge and realized I had a better specimen in my garden than the blue ribbon winner in a Hort class!

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