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Overheard at the Garden Gate

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Overheard at the Garden Gate


Enjoy Your Winter Garden

by Mary Anne Liljedahl and Joan Fountain

It’s cold outside!  Here are two articles to brighten our outlooks and to help us enjoy our winter gardens:

Click here for an article by Charlotte Moss, interior designer, gardener and author who writes poetically about the beauty, quiet and infinite possibilities of a winter garden.

Plantsman and garden designer Ryan Gainey expounds here on winter berries for the garden and discusses Rosemary Verey’s book “The Garden in Winter.”

Cleveland Zoo Wants Old Christmas Lights

Lucy Weller, member of the Garden Club of Cleveland, sent the following message:  “The Cleveland Zoo wants your old Christmas lights, whether they work or not; the Zoo knows how to recycle them properly and then translate that into their conservation work. Don't ask me how!  

Drop them off at my home, 12521 Lake Shore Blvd., Bratenahl. Call me and we can arrange a rendezvous site, but just don't ask me to untrim your tree, remove them from your gables, or pick them up at someone else’s home. This gives me plenty of time to get them to the Zoo by February 15th. Yours in conservation, Lucy”.

Do Your Plants Have Wheels?

by Robin Schachat

Read all about it!  Houseplant gets wheels, can move around on its own. What an amazing thing!  Not only does it prove plants’ sentience, but it proves that they have active intelligence in their responses to the environment.

Know a Young Professional in NYC? 

GCA is exploring innovative ways to introduce the GCA to the next generation and are pleased to announce that Zone III will be holding two fun, informal evening events at HQ in February and April of 2019. If you have adult children or young friends in New York City who might enjoy a glimpse of what we love about the GCA, please send their names and contact information (email addresses and cell numbers) to so they may be included on the invitation list. This is a pilot project and will be assessed by the Admissions Committee and Board later next year. 

Speaker Videos for Everyone to See  

Now GCA club members can enjoy great speakers in the privacy of their own home. How? The GCA website offers video presentations by Kris Tompkins, former head of Patagonia and GCA national prize winner; strategic planning by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and American Horticultural Society, and much more. Take a look at these excellent presentations.

Offerings by the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Leah Whidden, longtime SLGC member and employee of the CVNP, sent a post with lots of activities sponsored by the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in January. Click here to see the offerings.

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