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Removing Bulbs from Cold Storage

Amy Miller


So, you have waited patiently for the required 12-16 weeks of bulb chilling. Now, it’s time to reap your reward!

Remove your pot from its chilling spot and observe the bulbs – there are often yellow shoots coming out of the soil. Place the pot in a low light location for about a week where the temperature is between 50-60 degrees to slowly ease your bulbs out of their cold storage.

After about a week, you should start to see some green shoots. You can now move your pot into a brighter location that is a more comfortable temperature (60-70 degrees). Rotate the pot so that the flowers grow straight and don’t misshape their stems reaching toward the light. Continue watering when dry. Enjoy your blooms!

Note: If you participated in the Nov. 28th workshop, you can pull your pot out of cold storage on Feb. 20th.

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