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President's Letter June 2019

Mary Bruce Rae-Grant


Dear Friends,

It is the joyous month of June and a time of graduations, weddings, and gardens! Garden tours abound this month, and I do hope you have a chance to visit a new garden. Let the creativity and design of others inspire your own gardens.

The GCA offers its own creativity and inspiration with its new Strategic Plan. Every five years the national board re-examines current procedures in order to present solutions to make our clubs more efficient and to satisfy the needs of our members. A year from now, after the GCA board has had time to contemplate the plan and refine it, changes will begin. Some of the highlights from the plan include:

  • Restructuring zone leadership to be more responsive to club presidents and committee chairmen.

  • Creating a new schedule for GCA Annual meetings to reduce the cost to clubs, as well as consider a new approach to leadership and regional meetings which would save costs and expand the opportunity for more delegates to attend.

  • Growing GCA clubs by number, location and membership model. This would include examining ideas which would allow volunteering at the national level more accessible, affordable and appealing to club members.

The entire Strategic Plan can be read on the GCA website in the members’ area. Just as our gardens evolve with care and editing, so does our organization. The ideas presented in the Strategic Plan are refreshing and creative. I will look forward to seeing the seeds of these ideas sown.

Mary Bruce