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Time to Renew Your SLGC Membership for 2019-2020

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Time to Renew Your SLGC Membership for 2019-2020

Suzy Hartford

Fellow Gardeners:  Along with planting gardens, it’s time to provide the funds for the wonderful SLGC activities and programs planned for the 2019/20 year. 

Active dues are $175  
Associate dues are $200  
Provisional dues are $100

Should you wish to change your status, please write or email Catherine Levy, Corresponding Secretary, by May 14.

Please send your check by June 15 to:

Suzy Hartford
 2589 Stratford Road
  Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

  • If you have any changes to your roster information, include them with your check or email them to Suzy Hartford.

  • Remember: Phone numbers will be listed as ‘Preferred’ and ‘Secondary’. If we do NOT hear from you, your landline will be considered ‘Preferred’.

  • PLEASE: Provide feedback as we always want to know how we are doing. We are using email in an effort to save money and become more efficient.  We have explored online payment but as of now the cost/payment is too great for our small group.