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The People's Choice Award Judges' Comments

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The People's Choice Award Judges' Comments

Beth Boles

Harbingers of Spring

Beth Boles, photography chair, asked SLGC photography judges to comment on this year’s entries as if they were entries in a GCA flower show. A big thank you to judges Judith McMillan, Laurie Jacobs, Ryn Clarke, Sandy Bergsten, and Martha Marsh for this extra learning experience!

Birds of Spring

1.  Wonderful interplay of the splashes of blue. Judicious cropping below the bird house and on either the right or left side would increase visual tension and improve the composition.

Beth Boles

3. Adoring image beautifully framed. Darkening the sky between the tree limbs would heighten the focus on the subject.

Julie Given

5. Incredible mirror of shape and texture between the terrain and owl. Cropping the image to come in closer on the subject would enhance the focal point and increase the drama.

Jen Moeller

2. A symphony of textures. Moving the subject from the center could make for a more dynamic image.

Sarah Dimling

4. Phenomenal composition. The depth of field and use of line accentuate the perfectly placed subject.

Dozie Herbruck

6. Rhythmic lines add visual interest. Low resolution detracts from the overall image’s success.

Vanessa Pasiadis

First Buds

1. There is good movement provided by the top curved leaf and good color throughout. The foreground cluster of buds is out of focus and detracts.

Karen Colini

3. Both flowers have interesting detail and are in good focus. The eye is  confused going back and forth between the two blooms trying to determine the one which is the most important and the focal point.

Dozie Herbruck

5. Vibrant colors and diagonal lines create a pleasing composition. I would suggest cropping out the rose at the top creating a singular focal point. Then the story becomes more about the wisteria with the promise of the impending bloom of the rose bud on the right.

Robin Schachat

7. The brilliant visual path of the cactus flowers creates movement and symmetry. I would crop off a bit at the bottom of the image to keep your eye in the composition.

Sally Cutler

2. There is an unmistakable focal point appropriately placed. The eye is drawn to the many blown out highlights (bright spots where there is no detail) and the background is excessively busy.

Mary Bruce Rae-Grant

4. The buds are technically and artistically well composed, exposed and focused. The bottom could be cropped up a bit to eliminate the slightly distracting small bright spot toward the left.

Cynthia Druckenbrod

6. Alluring composition of purple anemones - they almost seem to glow. The intense light behind the flowers diminishes the detail in the beautiful petals.

Molly Dixon

8. Good attempt at capturing the first signs of spring. Without a clear focal point, there is no clear focus of attention for your eye to land.

Joan Holmes


1. The photograph captures the transition from red glow to blue sky beautifully. The burned out area created by the sun grabs and stops eye movement.

Karen Colini

3. This is a glorious image where the reflection is as important as the sky and the hint of detail at the shoreline keeps the eye moving.

Cynthia Druckenbrod

5. It is a wonderful idea to frame the image with the tree branches. Cropping to a vertical format would create more tension between the cooling tower and the branches while eliminating the burned out spot.

Robin Schachat

7. A fascinating image with subtle, seductive color.  The mirror image leads the eye over,  under,  around and through the design.

Ann Whitney

2. The contrast of roof shape and tree texture is pleasing. One longs for a hint of detail in the building as the blank space dominates.

Sally Cutler

4. This photograph's brilliant colors create a dramatic mood. When this photo is enlarged, the branch on the left side is distracting

Betsy Stueber

6. A nicely framed shot.  The sun in dead center renders the image a bit static.  The palm leaves in the upper left are a bit distracting.

Carole Obernesser

8. Magnificent color.  A bit out of focus.   The angle of the shot places the orange cloud so that it cuts the image in half and disrupts the rhythm.

Janet AuWerter

9. A nice capture of the setting sun's rays.  A bit out of focus.  The lone palm competes for dominance with the setting sun.

Sally Roman