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SLGC Board Members and Committee Chairs 2019-2020

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SLGC Board Members and Committee Chairs 2019-2020




Leigh Fabens: First VP
Lisa Mortimer: Second VP
Joanne Cowan: Recording Secretary
Suzanne Taigen: Asst. Recording Secretary
Catherine Levy: Corresponding Secretary
Nancy Zambie: Treasurer
Suzy Hartford: Asst. Treasurer
Margaret Ransohoff: Trustee 2017-2020
Robin Schachat: Trustee 2017-2020
Sarah Dimling: Trustee 2018-2021
Beth Boles: Trustee 2018-2021
Susan White: Trustee 2019-2022
Jane Ellison: Trustee 2019-2022


Sandy Holmes and Carol Provan: Charitable Projects
Ann Whitney: Finance
Carole Obernesser: Programs
Lisa Mortimer and Amy Paine: Provisionals and Greens Workshop
Suzy Hartford: Historian
Elizabeth Faremouth and Jennifer Hartford: Hospitality
Bonnie Lau: Membership
Dozie Herbruck and Donna Ferrante Pujolas: Newsletter
Lynn Lehmann: Nominating
Joan Holmes and Caroline Emmet: Yearbook
Julie Given: Awards
Lee Jacobs: Communications and PR
Cynthia Druckenbrod: Conservation/NAL
Gale Clarry: Founders Fund
Robin Schachat: Garden History and Design
Leslie Marting: GCA Bulletin
Lori Cohen and Judith McMillan: Horticulture
Beth Boles: Photography
Ruth Eppig: Scholarship
Sally Roman: Visiting Gardens
Margaret Krudy: Floral Design
Amy Miller and Cynthia Druckenbrod: Flower Show 2019
Margaret Ransohoff: Affiliate Representative Holden Forests and Gardens
Caroline Borrow: Affiliate Representative Shaker Lakes Nature Center