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GCA and SLGC Awards for 2018-2019


At our Annual Meeting in June at Caroline Borrow's lovely home, Mary Bruce presented awards, with great appreciation, to many SLGC and community members. The Awards Chairperson, Julie Given, had carefully researched, proposed and received approval for the GCA Awards. All the awards were beautifully matted and framed by Julie. Kudos to all the honorees! (See article about Torrey McMillan receiving the Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Award.)

JAMES MCCARTY: GCA’s Club Civic Commendation for Conservation

Jim McCarty has been a distinguished journalist for 40 years, and was with The Plain Dealer from 1991 until this past year. As one sponsor wrote, “He served as a sassy, astute and inspiring birding columnist for a dozen years and added the environmental beat 4 years ago.” Jim has highlighted the environmental issues and concerns for Northeast Ohio, educating our communities about vital topics.

SUZANNE HARTFORD: The Zone X Judging Award

Suzy Hartford received the Zone X Judging Award 2 weeks ago. Her sponsors cited Suzy’s commitment to the Judging Program as an educator and mentor. She exemplifies the GCA Judges’ qualities of integrity, wisdom, skill, courage and courtesy. Congratulations Suzy for this well-deserved honor. Click here to read Jen Moeller’s account of the Zone X meeting.

LESLIE MARTING: GCA Club Appreciation Award

Leslie exemplifies the best qualities of a dedicated club member. She has held numerous leadership positions, not only in our club, but also at the zone and national levels. She worked on our Centennial Project which was donated to the City of Cleveland, as a testament to our club’s long history of community involvement. She has assisted in creatively growing our membership to healthy numbers. She has notably mentored and offered advice to many in our club. She is a national winner of the Botanic Arts awards and generously shares her time to help others learn the joys of needlepoint.

MARGARET RANSOHOFF: GCA Club Civic Improvement Award

Margaret has inspired many in the community, near and far, to create beautiful gardens and landscapes. For 15 years she has organized the Gracious Gardens Tour of Shaker Heights to benefit the Shaker Historical Society. Countless garden visitors are motivated to don their gloves and to pick up spades to make creative improvements to their own yards. She has literally led a grass roots movement to make civic refinement a point of neighborhood pride. She also joyfully gives of her time to teach school students about the Cecropia Moth and to organize tours for out of state visitors.

LEE JACOBS: GCA Communications Award

Lee quietly works behind the scenes to promote club public relations and communications. She provides editorial expertise and website and social media supervision. She is a nimble wordsmith with a delightful sense of humor.

CATHY MILLER: GCA Club Floral Design Award

Cathy puts the “fun” in floral design. She patiently teaches novices and shares constructive advice to more advanced designers. Her knowledge of flower shows is immense. She has entered creations and won ribbons in many of them. She is nationally recognized in the Botanic Arts. I must say it is a treat to see her garbed with an apron, dentist’s head lamp on, and specialty tools assembled nearby.


Ruth contributed her knowledge of worthy community projects and contacts as a resource. In fact, many of the 22 proposals presented to Charitable Projects this past year stemmed from her awareness of all that happens in our city, and her willingness to share that information.

JENNIFER MOELLER: President’s Award

Jen has held many positions. She is a dedicated member who sets the standard for reliability. Her knowledge of our club’s financial history is a remarkable resource. She is willing to take on just about any position. This past year, she wisely led our provisionals. In her free time, she is a highly regarded commercial dahlia grower, property manager, university student, and investor. She is a wonderful friend and travel companion.


Carole has done numerous jobs for our club. She notably led our conservation committee for 3 years. This year, she organized a wonderful itinerary for our club’s trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show. She spent numerous hours producing a memorable trip which included private museum tours, educational guides, and wonderful restaurants. Carole provided the foundation for a fabulous and creative idea to take shape.


Just as perennials provide the basic composition of our gardens, Joan supplies the structure and fabric of our organization. She has diligently put together our annual directory for the past few years. The job requires attention to detail and lots of patience. She does all of this with a twinkle in her eye and lovely smile on her face.

Dozie supplies the structure and fabric of our organization, acting as the glue of our organization. She perennially assembles our newsletter, organizing and writing articles and designing its layout in a professional manner. She guides us, as the gifted teacher she is, through the world of technology. She patiently answers questions and builds confidence. She gives sound advice and useful suggestions to improve our club. She is also a talented gardener and photographer. She inspires us all.

Longevity Awards

Jane Ellison, 25 years
Diane Christ, 30 years
Libby Biggar, 50 years
Nancy Cockley, 45 years
Sarah Defino, 40 years
Ginny Stewart, 40 years
Marias Hawley, 40 years
Julia Barnes, 30 years
Ann Whitney, 30 years
Ann Cicarella, 25 years
Vikki Broer, 25 years