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Sustainability Cleveland Information

Betsy Stueber

 At our May 29 Membership meeting Cathi Lehn, from the Mayor’s Office of Sustainable and Sandra Albro, from Holden Forests and Gardens talked about the Sustainable initiatives in the Cleveland area.  Below are links to Sustainable Cleveland, The Cleveland Tree Coalition, The Gardenwalk Cleveland pus dates for Sustainable Cleveland events this summer.

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NAL Revisited

Robin Schachat

It’s almost like being there – well, not really.  But a few of the presentations Cynthia Druckenbrod and I enjoyed at the GCA’s NAL Meeting are available, as slide presentations, on the GCA website.   The quality of professionalism and research represented in these presentations is astounding.  Rather than recap all of them for you, I shall take this opportunity to refer you directly to the original material itself. 

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The GCA 2017 Conservation Study Trip

Jane Ellison

Did you notice an announcement of a Conservation Study Trip here in Cleveland in your latest GCA Bulletin? Here's the scoop:

The GCA 2017 Conservation Study Trip will be an exploration of the largest fresh water ecosystem in the world; the history, the challenges, the successes, the beauty. It will be a grand adventure exploring Lake Erie's shores and islands between Cleveland and Toledo.

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Visiting Gardens

Mary Anne Liljedahl

Wednesday, April 19 at 10:30

Walking Tour of Beaver Marsh
Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Trekkers are sure to delight in Beaver Marsh, just north of the Ira Trailhead, where ingenious local beavers have dammed waterways with mud and sticks and can often be spotted mid-evening gearing up for more work on their wetlands projects.

RSVP by April 15: Email Gale Clarry or call 703-217-7639.

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