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Good Habits to Make, Bad Habits to Break

Robin Schachat

Summer Garden Hints

Here is a round-up of very simple changes – many of which you’ve likely already made – to choose among when preparing for summer in your yard!  For specific details on how to create or install new features, ask around the club as many members have already done these things, or check out local workshops at sources like the Botanic Garden or Nature Center.

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The IPCC Special Report on Global Warming

Robin Schachat

In February of this year, along with Conservation and NAL representatives from national committees and clubs, Cynthia Druckenbrod and I heard a vast number of reports about Climate Change issues.  The scientific findings we heard were not presented by partisan organizations, although we did subsequently hear from both Republican and Democrat Senators, Congresspersons, and Members of the Cabinet.  The scientific findings presented track quite closely with those that have been presented this week in the press in the new IPCC Special Report.  Despite political spin from almost every side, this evidence-based, fact-driven report is dire.

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