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President's Letter June 2016

Robin Schachat

Dear Friends,

I am finding this very hard to swallow:  I am writing my final President’s Letter to you all.  It seems I had just begun, and now it is time to step aside.  This summer you will hear from Sarah Dimling, and I wish her twice the joy that I have had in this job – and I have had a blast!  Best of happiness to Sarah, from us all!

As you have I am sure heard, the June newsletter will be the final Newsletter which you receive in print format;  the old, sea-green printing paper is gone for good, as is the Microsoft Publisher formula.  In converting our Newsletter format to Mailchimp electronic delivery, e save trees while saving thousands of dollars for the club.  We will finally be green.  If you are among the ladies who are not computer users, however, don’t worry!  

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Selecting and Preparing your Horticulture Specimens for a Flower Show

Suzy Hartford

Groom Your Bloom!

Presented to the Garden Club of Dayton    March 8, 2016    by Nancy Linz (GCC)

All You Could Possibly Need to Know about Entering Your Hort

A.    Getting Ready for a Flower Show
B.    Selecting Cut Specimens
C.    Conditioning Your Cuttings
D.    Selecting a Container for Your Cutting
E.    Selecting Potted (Rooted) Plants
F.    Grooming Your Blooms!
G.    Pre-Registration
H.    Packing Your Specimens for Transportation to the Flower Show
I.     Getting Ready to Head to the Show!
J.    Once You Arrive at the Show, Final Staging

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Arranging Flowers

Clara Rankin

Thanks to the tireless work of many talented ladies and dedicated garden clubs, flower arranging has been transformed from a hobby into an art.  Nevertheless, the novice should not be daunted by the apparent complexity of it all.  Success is guaranteed if one always keeps in mind that, whether the arrangement is to be presented in a formal show or in an informal house setting, the goals one should be aiming to achieve are:  envy, grudging praise, and imitation by rivals. 

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Reflections on the Provisional Year

Rebecca Carmi

Everyone reading this has been a provisional SLGC member at one time. As a soon to graduate provisional I offer a retrospective on what the current provisional experience looks like, with a focus on what new technologies have wrought, and a reflection on the power of GCA.

I imagine that many of the studies we provisionals have engaged in are time-honored and traditional: GCA scholarship, the charitable fund, garden history and design, and the panic inducing realization that a flower show class is not a course. Equally sacrosanct is participation in the holiday-time greens workshop with its orgy of evergreen scents, greens of every hue, and colorful ribbons. And then there are those activities that are most likely specific to Cleveland: the annual wreath creation for the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and participation in the Shaker Nature Center Plant sale.

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Flower Show Shorts


The Perennial Centennial Flower Show is fast approaching!  Check here for needs, suggestions, reminders, and answers to your questions.

SEEKING One Strong Woman with an Eye for “Good Looks”!

Suzy Still Need Perrier Bottles!

Assistants Needed for Flower Show

Frames, Troughs and Planters

Groom Your Bloom!

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Conservation Camp

Carole Obernesser

On Monday April 25th over twenty Zone X conservation delegates spent  "TWENTY EIGHT" hours in our prized jewel to the south of us... Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Peninsula.   Our very own Jane Ellison (Zone X Chair) was our stupendous leader who spent a year prodigiously putting this together.  The highlights are as follows:

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Charitable Projects 2016

Leigh Fabens

Many thanks to our Charitable Projects Committee – Jane Ellison, Robin Schachat, Martha Marsh, Jennifer Moeller, Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy, Lynn Lehmann, Margaret Ransohoffand Nancy Zambie – for their time and thoughtful consideration of the proposals we received. They provided informed and diverse perspectives, and we all felt confident and comfortable with the outcome of our discussions. And many thanks to the SLGC members who contributed to the CP Fund this year. A complete list will be published in the July newsletter.

Grants awarded in 2016:

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National Pollinator Week


National Pollinator Week is a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what you can do to protect them

Nine years ago the U.S. Senate’s unanimous approval and designation of a week in June as “National Pollinator Week” marked a necessary step toward addressing the urgent issue of declining pollinator populations. Pollinator Week has now grown into an international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles.

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Park It!


GCA iscounting on every GCA club member to celebrate the National Park Service Centennial. PARK it! with your club, family and friends by visiting one of the 408 sites of the National Park System. Share your photos and stories and register your visit in the GCA's Club Member Showcase at the GCA Showcase, and enjoy reading about other members’ fun park experiences!

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