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Filtering by Category: November 2018

Garden Follies

Mary Anne Liljedahl and Joan Fountain

What is a Garden Folly?   English country estates are often associated with intricate networks of rooms and strict social hierarchies. But just outside the country house is an entirely different world—the garden, a freer, more whimsical space where the rules are relaxed.  A garden is a place of diversion, distraction and sometimes fantasy.  While the house itself is an organized, ordered culture, outside one encounters rain and heat and wind and various surprises.  A walk through the garden is different every time.  One means of diversion was through the construction of garden follies, little structures that punctuate the landscape. 

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My Favorite Thing

Lydia Oppmann

Giverny, Claude Monet's house & exquisite gardens were absolutely magical! It was one of our favorite stops with our TAUCK riverboat cruise on the Seine in September. There were no water lilies this time of year, but we saw so many other incredible flowers as we walked through the pathways of Monet's many gardens.

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My Favorite Memory

Molly Dixon

When I was a little girl, around 7 years old, our family went to Bali for Christmas, where we slept in thatch huts on the beach (before the large hotels came).  Remember how blissfully one slept as a child?  Well, my mother awakened my four brothers and me in the middle of the night and marched us in our pajamas through 4 miles of jungle (or so it seemed), she leading with a flashlight.

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The IPCC Special Report on Global Warming

Robin Schachat

In February of this year, along with Conservation and NAL representatives from national committees and clubs, Cynthia Druckenbrod and I heard a vast number of reports about Climate Change issues.  The scientific findings we heard were not presented by partisan organizations, although we did subsequently hear from both Republican and Democrat Senators, Congresspersons, and Members of the Cabinet.  The scientific findings presented track quite closely with those that have been presented this week in the press in the new IPCC Special Report.  Despite political spin from almost every side, this evidence-based, fact-driven report is dire.

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