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This News section contains information that has appeared in a monthly newsletter, pertaining only to Club members.  The newest articles appear at the top of the page.  Each entry is categorized for easy sorting and archiving.

2017-2018 Katharine M. Grosscup Scholarships in Horticulture

Leslie Marting

The GCA Katharine M. Grosscup Scholarships in Horticulture were awarded to 7 students for the 2017-18 school year, for a total of $18,500.  The Scholarships, named in memory of a Shaker Lakes Garden Club member, are managed locally by three members of SLGC and three members of The Garden Club of Cleveland.  MANY thanks to the SLGC members who designated their Charitable Projects gifts to the Grosscup Scholarship.  Because of you, we are able to support the best and the brightest!

Katharine M. Grosscup Scholarships in Horticulture Recipients

Christian Moore, Ohio State University, Junior, Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Arts in Origins of Western Thought, $3,500

Christian is an honor student pursuing a dual major in Landscape Architecture and the Origins of Western Thought.  He feels his philosophy studies lead to more rational approaches and insight into his desire to impact productive agricultural landscapes.  “As a landscape architecture student attending a school where there is a heavy influence on agricultural systems, a cross-fertilization between design and agriculture is inevitable.  I have been given the opportunity to explore how the two overlap, studying agricultural drainage systems, looking for ways in which design interventions can reduce run off, prevent erosion, and support vibrant biodiversity in the face of monocultural production.”  One of his LA professors writes, “His work, as a freshman, was indecipherable from the work of 3rd year MLA students-sometimes it was better.” An avid hiker, last summer he received a research fellowship from the National Parks Service to visit 30 parks and design trail improvements.  Christian has a life-long interest in horticulture and is currently passionate about hosta species. As one of his former employers writes, “Christian is the complete package.”

Kristie Anderson, Temple University, Master of Landscape Architecture, $3,500

Kristie has a degree in sustainable architecture from the University of Oregon. She is employed by the international architecture firm Fielding Nair and has developed a specialization in learning spaces and peaceful and reflective outdoor environments for early childhood education.  “After half a decade of designing indoor and outdoor learning spaces all over the world, I realized that I needed better education and training in ecology and landscape design.”  Temple Professor Eva Monheim, who has recommended several outstanding KMG recipients, writes that Kristie’s work is laudable “especially when it comes to integrating plants into the larger environment.”  She is a talented artist and used her beautiful drawings to create a user friendly online guide to woody plants.

Josh VanderWeide, Michigan State University, Master of Horticulture, $3,500

While getting his undergraduate degree in Food Science, Josh realized he has a passion for research. His Master’s focus is Viticulture, which combines his interests in food production, horticulture, and research.  He is studying the morphological changes caused by strategic leaf removal in grapevines in Michigan and similar climates to prevent the accumulation of sour rot.  He is a highly thought of TA in a Wines and Vines course and plans a career in viticulture and enology research.

Ellie Andrews, Ohio State University, Master of Plant Health Management, $3,000

Ellie has an innate love of horticulture and a degree in plant biology from Ohio University. She was chosen to intern in the TechGrowthOhio program, a venture development program run by the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at OU. She worked with entrepreneurs in the green industry on practical, applied projects using her interests in agriculture, food, and the environment. Through her Masters’ program at OSU, she hopes to acquire skills that will allow her to continue to communicate useful and informed scientific knowledge to growers in rural Ohio and the Midwest as an extension agent.

Megan Bender, University of Cincinnati, Junior, Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, $3,000

Meg is a strong academic student who found her specific calling in the broad field of horticulture last summer, interning at the home of GCA’s founding vice president, Helena Rutherford Ely.  At Meadowburn Farm, she helped to produce a small but diverse selection of specialty cut-flowers that were sold commercially into the New York City flower market. She experienced all aspects of the flower farming industry, from planting to harvesting, and even explored the retail aspect when she visited the NYC shop to which Meadowburn sold flowers.  Meg plans to use her knowledge of botany, ecology, and design to surround people with landscapes that provide them not only visual beauty but also produce valuable cut-flowers and home-grown vegetables.

Peter Grantham, Ohio State University, Junior, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Plant Systems, $1,000

Pete is a ski instructor, avid outdoorsman, arborist, entrepreneur, and horticulture student.   Pete has had his own landscaping company since he was 16 and hopes to use his education to drive his career in the green industry to the forefront of sustainable landscape practices.

Stephani Milette, Purdue University, Junior, Bachelor of Science in Horticulture/Production and Marketing, $1,000

Stephani is a nontraditional student studying cash crop production and marketing.  Stephani is a 10-year Air Force Veteran who served as a logistician in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Always an avid gardener and beekeeper, Stephani discovered horticulture is the true passion of her post-military career. She is studying floriculture, grape production, and hops in the hopes of having flexibility in a changing economy.