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The GCA 2017 Conservation Study Trip

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The GCA 2017 Conservation Study Trip

Jane Ellison

July 23, 2017Jane Ellison

The GCA 2017 Conservation Study Trip will be an exploration of the largest fresh water ecosystem in the world; the history, the challenges, the successes, the beauty. It will be a grand adventure exploring Lake Erie's shores and islands between Cleveland and Toledo. It is designed to transform one's appreciation for clean water, a limited and threatened resource and is limited in participation to the current and incoming members of the 2017-18 Conservation and NAL committees. It will begin in Cleveland on September 10, and conclude in Toledo on September 14. An optional additional day of programming returns the participants to Cleveland for more programming September 15.

The focus of the trip will be water, one drop at a time. Attendees will see and hear about the impacts of fresh water research, wetland restoration, climate change, harmful algal blooms, wildlife conservation, agriculture, dam removal, the water recreation industry and much, much more. Participants will return home with a renewed commitment to protect and restore the water in their own communities.

The trip is also the occasion for Conservation/National Affairs and Legislation Committee business meetings. This is one of two required meetings for the GCA conservation leadership in which they develop their program and solidify their goals for the coming year.