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This News section contains information that has appeared in a monthly newsletter, pertaining only to Club members.  The newest articles appear at the top of the page.  Each entry is categorized for easy sorting and archiving.

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Got Ladybugs?

Cynthia Druckenbrod

You’re not alone! The multicolored Asian ladybeetle (Harmonia axyridis) can be a frequent visitor inside our warm homes in the winter, sometimes to our great consternation. Introduced in to the southern US in the early 1900’s to control soybean aphids, the Asian Ladybeetles are now well established across much of the country, to the detriment of native lady bug species.

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Garden History and Design

Robin Schachat

The Origins of Garden Design in the Western World

Historically, garden designs in East Asia developed distinctly differently than those of the Mediterranean basin and, subsequently, Europe and the European-inflected Americas.  So I will begin this year’s Garden History and Design articles with a look at the traditions of garden design that we typically associate with the “Western World”, from which the majority of our greatest American gardens derive their style.

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Charitable Projects 2016-2017 Report

Anne Ginn and Kate Stenson

Charitable Projects is pleased to announce the grant recipients for 2016-17.

Washington Park Environmental Studies Academy- $5000
Conservancy of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park - $4000
Dunham Tavern Museum- $3000

Thank you to the SLGC members for your generous donations that enable our club to support projects like the ones above. And it’s not too late to still donate! Kate Stenson is happy to take your check. Please mail one to her if you have not donated this year. It’s a great way to honor or memorialize someone!

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