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Member Showcase

 SLGC Member Winners of GCA and Club Awards for the 2016-2017 season 

GCA Zone X Conservation Award - Jane Ellison
GCA Club Photography Award - Ryn Clarke
GCA Club Appreciation Award - Dozie Herbruck
President’s Appreciation Award:- Robin Schachat
ABCD Appreciation Award / Provisional - Amy Miller
President’s Oasis Award - Joan Holmes
25 Year Membership -  Sandra Bergsten, Debbie Hermann, Cindy Murphy

Special Award - Sauvigon Blanc Award - Molly Dixon


Congratulations, SLGC Members!

Karen Colini won third place in Botanical Arts and Robin Schachat won second place in the Charm Bracelet class at the GCA Annual Meeting flower show in Baltimore. Ryn Clarke won third for a wonderful photograph in the Garden Club of Portland Major GCA flower show. And at the Houston major show Leslie Marting won 3rd place in needlework and Martha Marsh a 3rd place in photography.  What a talented bunch of women.  Congratulations, Ladies!

Banner photo by Beth Boles