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Overheard at the Garden Gate June 2017

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Overheard at the Garden Gate June 2017


SLGC Members Strike Again!

Karen Colini won third place in Botanical Arts and Robin Schachat won second place in the Charm Bracelet class at the GCA Annual Meeting flower show in Baltimore. Ryn Clarke won third for a wonderful photograph in the Garden Club of Portland Major GCA flower show. Congratulations, Ladies!

Boxwood Leafminer - Gall Midge

Having trouble with your Boxwood?  Bugs?  Julie Given shared an article she received from her landscaper.  Click here to read the article.  


Beware of Neonicotinoids!

Martha Marsh shared a GCA Horticulture Alert: NEONICOTINOIDS IN PURCHASED PLANTS INADVERTENTLY POISONING POLLINATERS.  Click here to read full article.

CWRU Enhanced by SLGC Members

Cathy Miller and Martha Marsh arranged the beautiful flowers for the CWRU commencement in May.  Beautiful, Ladies!

Coral Charm Peony

It starts out rich coral and fades to cream over four days. Photos submitted by Martha Marsh.  

Slugged Rose Leaves

From Suzy:  "Windowpanes" are now appearing on rose leaves in southwest Ohio; a portent of things to come? View full article at

Glenwood Gardens: A "Volcano" Mulch-Free Zone

Visit Glenwood Gardens of Hamilton County to see a great example of the proper use of bark mulch around trees. It is a "Volcano" Mulch-Free Zone.  View full article at

Why You Need More Dirt in Your Life
National Geographic

Soil helps build up our defenses against disease and imparts a sense of the sacred—and we are killing it. Read the full story