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Plant and Seed Share

Judith McMillan and Lori Cohen

September 30 at 9:30
Judith McMillan’s home
8585 Hermitage Road
Chardon Township, OH 44107


Lori Cohen and Judith McMillan welcome you to a plant and seed share. Directions for digging and dividing follow in this newsletter. Please think about those perennials you have that might be taking up a little too much space or would thrive if thinned by a little dividing. Or think of those plants you love that produce seeds that you can collect. Photograph your plant so others know just what it may look like and can visualize it in their garden. If you never get to that, do not hesitate to offer a surprise (as long as it is a pleasant one!).

Here are a few suggestions on how to harvest seeds from your favorite plants:

  •  For seed heads, capsules or pods, when dry, pinch, roll or pry open to remove seeds, then screen to separate seeds from remnants of capsules.

  •  Package seeds in a paper bag, envelope, storage container or glass jar and label them (name, date & location)  Tip: paper allows moisture to evaporate, discouraging mold.

RSVP to Lori Cohen at or 216-952-6007