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Amazing Airplants!

Cynthia Druckenbrod

The Thinker with a Tillandsia hairdo!

The Thinker with a Tillandsia hairdo!

One of the hottest new trends in houseplants are the diminutive and cute group of plants known as airplants. Originally from the Southern US (commonly known as Spanish moss or Tillandsia usenoides) and extending to South America, this sub-tropical and tropical plant group is also called Tillandsias. They grow epiphytically- clinging onto tree trunks and branches and they don’t need soil. They do need good air circulation.   There are more than 650 species and many are so easy to grow! Common now at garden centers and grocery stores, you’ll often see them staged in glass ornaments or glued into all sorts of containers.

Give them bright, indirect light and water them thoroughly 1-2 times per week. They can also be misted. If your airplant is happy, it will eventually bloom and may even attract a hummingbird if you place it outdoors in summer (but never in full sun).