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This News section contains information that has appeared in a monthly newsletter, pertaining only to Club members.  The newest articles appear at the top of the page.  Each entry is categorized for easy sorting and archiving.

Visiting a Local Garden

Sally Roman

On the morning of September sixth, 12 garden club members, along with husbands and friends, visited the garden of Brian Thompson in Lyndhurst.  The approach to Brian’s garden is up a herringbone brick driveway that is lined on both sides with patterned stone walls.   The walls curve to form garden rooms - a morning room to enjoy coffee, a relaxed space to watch the sunsets, a curving wooden path that leads to a small water stream and onto a pavilion overlooking  a fish pond. And all of this on Richmond Road. 

Brian told us most landscapers in Cleveland rely on only 30 of the most popular plants for their work.  Walking with Brian, we were surrounded by over 95 unique varieties of plant material that grow well in our climate. He explained in detail his beliefs about landscaping and the plant choices he has made. He is not afraid to move sizable plants and trees to their most optimum position in his yard.  We left inspired that a beautiful, tranquil garden such as this could be created and hidden on a busy, suburban street.