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Garden History and Design

Joan Fountain

On a recent visit to Lisbon, Portugal, I had the opportunity to visit the National Palace of Queluz. It was originally built as a summer palace for Portugal’s King Pedro, but thirteen years later became the permanent royal residence. This is an exquisite palace with formal gardens and parkland. Queluz is very much like a miniature Versailles.

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Garden Follies

Mary Anne Liljedahl and Joan Fountain

What is a Garden Folly?   English country estates are often associated with intricate networks of rooms and strict social hierarchies. But just outside the country house is an entirely different world—the garden, a freer, more whimsical space where the rules are relaxed.  A garden is a place of diversion, distraction and sometimes fantasy.  While the house itself is an organized, ordered culture, outside one encounters rain and heat and wind and various surprises.  A walk through the garden is different every time.  One means of diversion was through the construction of garden follies, little structures that punctuate the landscape. 

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